Our SEO Process


<strong>1. Learning - we learn everything about:</strong>
– how you’re doing right now
– who your ideal customers are
– who’s seeing your content right now
– who is not seeing your content right now
– what is the technical status of your website from an optimization perspective
– what keywords you currently rank for
– what keywords you should be ranking higher for (quick wins)
– what your competitors are doing better than you currently
<strong>2. Improving - we want to identify:</strong>
– how we can improve your website’s pages on a purely technical level (technical seo and page speed)
– how we can improve your existing content in terms of making it more optimized
– what content should be discarded entirely (thin content or non relevant content harms your search profile)
– which keywords are the most commercially valuable to your business
– what new keywords could increase your visibility and drive new customers
– what efficiency improvements could be made to ensure you get more value from existing traffic
<strong>3. Growing - we deliver:</strong>
– new keyword opportunities
– new content ideas
– new rankings
– new audience / customer suggestions
<strong>4. Reporting and evaluating - we deliver:</strong>
– top level reports that reveal the direction we’re moving in
– evaluation reports on what new opportunities have been uncovered
– benchmarking reports on how we’re doing vs KPIs

Stage 1 is vital. We invest a lot of time and effort in to learning. We don’t just set off wildly and deliver a generic service that might improve your rankings for an audience / customer base that turns out to be non relevant to your particular pet business.

By far the most overlooked aspect of SEO and content marketing for pet related websites is the failure to improve on what’s already in place. The reality is, if you don’t improve what’s already there, all efforts to grow are hindered. It’s like trying to compete in a race with the handbrake partially engaged.